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The Westminster Pop Up welcomes all to come and browse the collections.

Maximalism comes to Marylebone with the WESTMINSTER POP UP! A celebration of the creative arts, showcasing a curation of works from eight University of Westminster Student and Graduate creative entrepreneurs. A selling exhibition, in central London’s 67 York Street from 9 – 15 December 2018, will encompass a curation of high quality limited edition fashion, crafts, photography, prints and graphic design, in a maximalist celebration of colour, print and texture. Purchases made will directly support the trading students and graduate.  

The ‘WESTMINSTER POP UP’ is an enterprise and experiential learning project commissioned by the Creative Enterprise Centre’s (CEC) entrepreneurship accelerator programme to launch and showcase the University’s entrepreneurial designers, makers, creators and crafters. The selected students and graduates were enrolled onto a preparatory business support accelerator programme to develop their entrepreneurship attributes, skills and to grow & launch their brands.

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No upcoming events at the moment




BA (Hons) Illustration and Visual Communication

Decorative and purposeful, my designs celebrate idiosyncratic colour and explore the calmness and honesty of organic form. Trained in illustration, I consider myself to be a mixed-media artist, expressing my creativity through the mediums of painting, stitching and ceramics. Taking inspiration from the subconscious, by utilising surrealist techniques such as free association, my work celebrates the beauty of irregularity and imperfection as a product of relinquishing control.




BA (Hons) Photography

A London-based freelance photographer and designer. My style of photography is about capturing timeless moments, using my vision and personal style to create images that inspire me. I love travelling, seeing new places, meeting new people and capturing great moments. I enjoy merging traditional photography with digital illustration and montage creating images that combine art and photography. I have created my own unique style of Fine Art Photography and my love of travelling and photography has enabled me to produce great inspirational images with lasting memories and their own emotional story.




BA (Hons) Photographic Arts

After completing her BA in Photographic Arts at the University of Westminster's School of Media, Art and Design, Chloe's practice is focuses on glitch art and the impact of data on day-to-day life. Creating work for exhibitions including Gallery West's "Beyond the Frame"; FMP, MAD and Curation 10 virtual gallery shows - Data Between the Lines: Photographic Boundaries the Race to Realisation. She is also looking for exciting commissions and collaborations with other creatives.




BA (Hons) Fashion Design

Manon Planche is a colourful label sporting unapologetic bold printed pieces that are both comfortable and unconventional. It is inspired by and created for people who are not afraid to stand out.

Inspiration also comes from looking at uncommon means of transportation and the fantastic groups of people involved in operating them. From custom motorcycles to drag racing cars and vintage jet skis, I am driven by the craziest activities, which are usually conducted by equally crazy people who dare to try anything.




BA (Hons) Fashion Design

Gea Nicola Myllynen is a fashion designer who was born in Finland and studied fashion design in London. Gea’s creations draw inspiration from historical research, art and fantasy, creating garments that tell a story and pieces that are made to last, have value, be timeless and unique. Gea Nicola's aesthetic focuses on sculptural tailoring with a minimalist approach, and aims to create garments with comfort, handmade and beautifully finished to the very last detail, using materials such as wool, silk, cotton and knits.




BA (Hons) Fashion Design

Manimekala Fuller’s love for colour and pattern as a form of wearable expression led her to establish her independent luxury fashion brand "Manimekala" for those who dream of the future. Colourful, dynamic and eclectic prints are Manimekala’s signature, creating beautifully modern handcrafted clothing and accessories. With an emphasis on transparent and positive production methods, Manimekala pieces empower both the wearer and the makers. All products are ethically made in the UK, using a mixture of hand and digital print processes, with a focus on natural fabrics.




BA (Hons) Illustration and Visual Communication

Sarah Elliott is an up and coming illustrator from Northumberland, currently living in London. She is best know for her quirky and charming gouache paintings, which are heavily influenced by the places she has been, and draw on elements of nature, city life and travel.




BA (Hons) Illustration and Visual Communication

Muzafar Tufail is a London-based visual artist from Malaysia with a multidisciplinary profile. Raised on the tropical island of Borneo and sunny Australia, he enjoys developing his creative vision in different fields of the visual arts: ranging from building art installations to printmaking to architecture to photography and design. He loves to travel and discover new cultures and traditions, taking inspirations from his encounters, then returning to his own path.

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