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2—8 December 2019



The ‘Westminster POP-UP’ is an enterprise and experiential learning project to launch and showcase the University of Westminster's emerging entrepreneurial designers, makers, creators and crafters. The project was initiated and led by the University's Creative Enterprise Centre and is one of the student enterprise initiatives within the centre's entrepreneurship accelerator programme. 

2019 is the second year of the POP-UP; themed WUTOPIA, the showcase will run from 2-8 December 2019 at 67 Neal Street, Covent Garden. All purchases made will go directly to the exhibiting emerging creative entrepreneurs and support the growth of their craft and businesses.

In the lead up to the POP-UP, the students and graduates were supported to develop their entrepreneurship attributes and to build their brands and businesses – with selected participants enrolling into a preparatory accelerator programme of workshops and one-to-one advisory appointments with business advisors and field experts.


2 December 2019



We warmly invite you to the Private View and Opening Reception of the 2019 Westminster POP UP: WUTOPIA. A showcase and celebration of the University of Westminster's emerging Creative Entrepreneurs.

Please join us on the 2nd of December to meet the participants, browse their collections and network with colleagues and industry guests.

2 December 2019

17:30 – 21:00

67 Neal Street, Covent Garden



WUTOPIA will play host to resin decorative art & home ware, limited edition fashion, men’s sports apparel and jewellery, graphic design, paintings, wellness products and stationery. Layering colour, print and texture in its presentation of the entrepreneur’s work - an overarching colour palette of white and gold, with undertones of pinks, blues and purples provides the ideal utopian backdrop for seasonal shoppers searching for that something ‘different’ and unique. 

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limited prints - sun and moon set
Ethan Deck
Ava_s Canvas - _Parallel Worlds_ Paintin
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BA (Hons) Illustration and Visual Communication

I am a London base Freelance-Illustrator and Photographer. My aesthetics have a abstract pop art approach - using thick black outlines to really characterise portraits. I love playing with a bright, loud palette popping with colours to really give life to my work. Being inspired heavily by the skate and surf culture I like to capture
different narratives and concepts which each of my print. Each print creates a moment in time and a hidden story. Every product I sell is done by hand using silk screen process.


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BA (Hons) PR and Advertising

Ava is a resin artist exploring the healing power of art. Through resin, she is searching for new depths to the inner and outer life. The connection to nature is central to her creativity for that it is intensifying the emotions she pours onto the canvas. Vivid memories of walking in the woods, dancing barefoot on the beach and swimming under the moonlight inspire the sense of serenity she wishes to communicate through each swirl and layer of colour.

“My art starts from a sensation and it always aims to reach the depths of the mind or of the surroundings. I speak feelings through colours, and resin is the perfect medium for creating a multitude of dimensions that invite the viewer to contemplate as in front of a mirror, or of a portal open to the bravest to dive.”



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BA (Hons) Illustration and Visual Communication

Angelica is an illustrator based in London and Manila. She is known for her sky paintings and her adorable character illustrations. Her work is influenced by mother natures work of showing such beautiful sights of a sunrise and a sunset. Angelica embraces her background of being born in the Philippines and being raised in the UK. Recently, she has partnered up with ‘La Local’. A retail store in Manila (Philippines) that supports locally produced products and Filippino creators. She ensured to use eco-friendly material like FSC certified paper and biodegradable packaging to produce her products.




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BA (Hons) Fashion Marketing and Promotion

Jay Venables is based in Reading/London and is a student studying BA fashion marketing & promotion at the University of Westminster. Jay enjoys being innovative, head strong and given a creative challenge at every opportunity. He is an avid photographer, social media enthusiast and mental health advocate. He started his men's jewellery business in 2018 after being inspired on a trip to Dubai where he got the idea of providing the luxury aesthetic and style for everyday men through jewellery. Jay aims to grow his business worldwide one day and widen ROYALE’s brand awareness. The ethos of his business is modern, simplistic and stylish with a luxury and quality vibe. This is reflected in his brand's concept and products.



Loulou - illoustration.png


BA (Hons) Illustration and Visual Communication

Loulou is a London-based illustrator and painter of nature, travel and memories whose experience at University lead her to establish the artist brand of illoustration. Through vibrant colours and shapes, she captures the gap in the busy lives of people – of solitude and quiet meditation. She loves to illustrate stories both with commercial and personal commissions, and to project the emotion and feeling contained within the selected narrative.





BA (Hons) Fashion Design

While studying on the University of Westminster's prestigious BA (Hons) Fashion course, Manimekala Fuller gained international experience in the fashion industry, interning under designers Manish Arora and Roksanda Illinčić, amongst others. Upon graduation, her love for colour and pattern as a form of wearable expression led her to establish her namesake brand. Bold and eclectic, her unique statement clothes are for those who want to stand out. With an emphasis on transparent and positive production methods, Manimekala combines aesthetics and ethics, working in partnership with social enterprises both in the UK and in India, as a reflection of her heritage. She has been nominated for both design and entrepreneurship awards, and recently made her London Fashion Week debut!



Zina Headshot 1.jpg


BSc (Hons) Biomedical Sciences 

Zina is currently in her second year studying BSc (Hons) Biomedical Sciences at the Westminster University. After 6 years of working closely with a wide variety of clientele and brands in the beauty industry, Zina’s passion for fragrance and great skincare led her to create Rescued by Nature.  Rescued by Nature is a 100% vegan Bath, Body and Homecare product company which uses only the purest ingredients to formulate the high quality and perfumed products for optimum wellbeing with a luxury feel.





BA (Hons) Illustration and Visual Communication

Muzafar Tufail is a London-based visual artist from Malaysia with a multidisciplinary profile. Raised on the tropical island of Borneo and sunny Australia, he enjoys developing his creative vision in different fields of the visual arts: ranging from building art installations to printmaking to architecture to photography and design. He loves to travel and discover new cultures and traditions, taking inspirations from his encounters, then returning to his own path. 

Introe was founded by Muzafar in 2018 after graduating from University of Westminster with a BA in Illustration and Visual Communication. Introe is a men's swimwear brand that collaborates with, and serves as a platform for emerging artists. Our swim shorts showcase emerging art through men's swimwear, bringing more emphasis to the artists and the stories behind the designs you wear.





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